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Benefits of our School Management Solution

Easily manage Accounts

Using Our Cloud-based School Management Solution you can manage accounts well, with more than 600 reports.

In-depth Student Performance Analysis

Using Our Cloud-based School Management Solution you can have subject wise detailed analysis of students performance.

Stay Updated with School Activities

Using Our Cloud-based solution parents get all updates of their children via sms ,email and online portal.

Our Core Modules

Our cloud-based solution brings about efficiency in different processes at school. It allows you to spend more time teaching and less time managing assignments, tracking down homework, and grading papers.

Radical Logix School Management Solution

We would like to introduce you to our Cloud-Based School Management Solution designed to let you automate the activities of a school and reduce operational cost. Our product optimizes planning and decision making with the help of intelligent reporting system customized for every department of the school.

Hassle free Report Card Generation

Teachers can generate Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation Report with a single click , using Radical Logix's Cloud based solution.

Paperless Attendance!!

Central, web-based access for teachers to mark and view student attendance.

Go Paperless with our Cloud based School Management Solution