What Is School Management Software?

Radical Logix’s School Management ERP software is a game-changer for educational institutions, revolutionizing traditional administrative processes with advanced technology. As an online school management software, Radical Logix School ERP transforms manual tasks into automated workflows, simplifying operations and enhancing productivity. From admission management to fee collection, our software streamlines critical functions, allowing administrators to focus on strategic initiatives that drive growth and success.

number of schools 500+



number of states 17+



number of students 7 lakh+

12 Lakh+


number of teachers 40000+

1 Lakh +


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We're incredibly honored to be recognized as one of the 10 Most Promising Education Technology Solution Providers of 2024 by CIO Tech Outlook!

This award is a testament to the dedication and innovation of our entire team, and it wouldn't have been possible without your continued support. Thank you to our amazing schools, educators, and partners for trusting Radical Logix to transform schools!

Here's to continued excellence and innovation!

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image Features of Radical Logix School ERP

Radical Logix offers the best School ERP software, featuring tailored solutions to meet the diverse needs of educational institutions. Our online school management software covers every aspect of school management, including:

  • Enrollment Management: Simplify the admissions process with online registration and enrollment tracking.

  • Fee Collection Management: Streamline fee collection with online payment gateways and automated invoicing.

  • Exam & Result Management: Manage exams, generate reports, and publish results efficiently.

  • Employee & Payroll Management: Handle payroll processing and HR tasks with ease.

  • Mobile App Integration: Stay connected with our mobile apps for teachers, and parents.

Additionally, Radical Logix School ERP software provides advanced functionalities such as integrated SMS alerts, biometric attendance tracking, and barcode inventory management. With over 45 modules, our software offers a comprehensive solution for hassle-free school management.

Why go for Radical Logix ERP Solution?

  • cloud based


  • user friendly

    User Friendly

  • amazing support

    Amazing Support

  • easy customisations


  • quick implementation

    Quick Implementation

  • SSL secured connection

    SSL Secured Connection

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why choose Radical Logix

Modules Overview (45+)

List of Modules

Enquiry Management
Admission Management
Document Digital Locker
TC / Certificate Management
Online Fee Payment
Fee Collection Management
Transactional SMS Alerts
Biometric Attendance
Student Attendance
Student Web Portal
Examination Management
Employee Management
Hr & Payroll Management
Transport Management
Inventory & Stocks
Gate pass Generation
Mobile App (Teachers)
Mobile App (School)
Activity Management
Visitor Management
Alumni Management
Financial Accounting
Hostel Management
Library Management
ID Card Generation
Interactive Dashboards
User Rights Management
600+ Reports & Analysis
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image Is Radical Logix Cloud-Based School Management System Software Secure?

Absolutely. Radical Logix prioritizes security to protect sensitive school data against cyber threats and unauthorized access. Our cloud-based school management system software utilizes state-of-the-art encryption and secure connections to safeguard data transmission. With automatic backups and role-based access controls, schools can trust that their information is protected at all times. Radical Logix ensures the highest level of security, providing peace of mind for administrators and stakeholders alike.

Radical Logix School ERP for Integrated School Management

Revolutionize your school's operations with Radical Logix School ERP, a comprehensive solution designed to streamline and integrate all aspects of school management. Our innovative software offers end-to-end solutions for every phase of school administration, from admissions and academic management to staff management and attendance tracking.With this school management ERP software, you can say goodbye to manual, time-consuming administrative tasks and embrace a more efficient and organized approach to school management. Our platform serves as a one-stop solution, integrating various features such as biometric attendance tracking, SMS notifications, online portals, exam management, mobile applications, and more.

Gone are the days of juggling multiple systems and struggling to keep up with the demands of modern education. Radical Logix School ERP empowers educational institutions to deliver new and innovative methods of learning by automating routine administrative tasks and providing administrators, teachers, and staff with the tools they need to succeed.

By centralizing all school management functions within a single, user-friendly platform, our online school ERP system enables schools to improve communication, enhance efficiency, and ensure seamless coordination across all departments. With real-time access to critical data and analytics, administrators can make informed decisions, identify areas for improvement, and drive continuous innovation in education.

Steps involved in Implementation

For effective use of our School ERP software solution, we follow a smooth implementation process.


Data Gathering

All data can be imported initially via data in excel files using our School Management Software import module.


Gap Analysis & Customisation

Our Relationship Manager will show how each module works and will collect any customization requests.


User Training & 24X7 Support

All users will receive extensive user training, and after go-live, our 24X7 support team will handle all of your queries.

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